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Backup Plans Important in Building a Legacy

We have backup plans for everything – we buy insurance when we book a vacation just in case weather makes travel impossible, we use Waze to help us navigate so we have a backup route if there is an accident, and we apply to several colleges so if the first choice doesn’t work out, we have other options. Having a backup plan is an important part of being prepared for all the hurdles life throws at us.

Emmitsburg: A Small Town With Mighty Donors

Taking up less than two square miles and with a population of just over 3,000 people, the historic town of Emmitsburg sits tucked into the mountains in northern Frederick County. While it’s generally not considered a bustling area, the town enjoys a strong sense of community. A commitment to the well-being of Emmitsburg and its residents can be seen in several funds created with The Community Foundation of Frederick County.