Frederick Arts Council Thelma Gross Music Scholarship Fund

Founded by its board of directors for music scholarships.

Thelma Gross was a graceful woman of passion and art. “To me, nature and rhythm have become synonymous. If there is rhythm in all these natural things, how much should there be in our lives, our spirits?” she once wrote. Mrs. Gross, wife of “Judge” William B. Gross, was a teacher, singer and mother. She taught at both the Maryland School for the Deaf and Brunswick Elementary School. She was a teacher for more than 30 years. She was a member of the Monday Morning Musical Foundation, an active organization in the 1940s. In her free time, she enjoyed the art of writing poetry, singing and playing the piano. In her honor and memory, her daughter Anne-Lynn Gross, herself a talented singer, collaborated with the Frederick Arts Council and the Community Foundation to establish The Frederick Arts Council Thelma Gross Music Scholarship Fund. The fund distributes music scholarships.

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