5 Reasons to Make a Gift this Year

A jar with coins in it sits on a table next to a red heart and other loose coins.

With a season of giving upon us, we explore five reasons many individuals and families choose to make charitable gifts.

  1.  It just feels good

Did you know that charitable giving creates a stimulus in the brain that creates a surge of dopamine and endorphins, ultimately making you feel better? It has also been proven that people who give to others tend to be more joyful and content than individuals who do not give.

  1. Receive a tax deduction

It is true, charitable contributions may decrease your tax burden. Talk with your professional advisor about how a charitable gift may benefit your tax situation. Strategies like “bunching” charitable gifts could be a great resolution to your tax obligation. There may be other tax programs available to you depending on the type of gift you make. Call our office to learn more.

  1. Honor or memorialize someone

Having a difficult time getting a perfect gift for someone special? A charitable gift to their favorite cause may be the answer! It is also a great way to remember those who have passed away.

  1. Invest in a meaningful cause close to your heart

Maybe you have a favorite charity, or perhaps a broader cause that tugs at your heart – a charitable gift is the perfect way to say “it matters to me.” Whether it is children, the arts, our seniors or those without homes, you can make your mark on the community this holiday season. Search our list of charitable funds and see what fits you.

  1. Lead by example

Do you want to evoke change or be a catalyst of philanthropy? Create your own fund with the Community Foundation and start a movement that matters to you!

We would love to talk with you more about your charitable giving. Please call our office at 301-695-7660 to speak with one of our staff about your charitable goals for this year.