Descendants of the Dr. John D. and Rebecca Nicodemus Family Fund

Founded by the family to support Walkersville United Methodist Church.

John and Rebecca Nicodemus were devoted parents and caring individuals. Rebecca was a typical housewife, raising eight children while her husband worked as a doctor. They lived in Walkersville as involved citizens dedicated to the well being of others. John never knew how to drive so he visited his patients by horse. Some of his fees included $3 to deliver a baby, $3 for eyeglasses and $0.50 to pull teeth. Other means of payment included chickens, hams and side meat. In 1909, the Walkersville Water Company was established, and Dr. Nicodemus was chosen chairman. He lived to be 85 years old. John and Rebecca left such an impact on the lives of others that their grandchildren, Kent C. Nicodemus Jr., Nancy N. Frank, Robert N. Nicodemus Jr., and Charles A. Nicodemus, founded The Descendents of The John D. and Rebecca Nicodemus Family Fund to honor the memories of their grandparents. The Fund supports Walkersville United Methodist Church, a community of faith with which the Nicodemus family has long been involved.

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