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Administrative Fund

Founded by the Community Foundation for its operational support. Learn More

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Advocates for Homeless Families Legacy Fund

The Advocates for Homeless Families Legacy Fund was created with the purpose of empowering motivated families to overcome homelessness. Learn More

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AG-C.I.T.E. Fund (Agriculture Community Interactive Teaching Experience)

Founded by Kaitlyn, Ashley, David, and Katherine Fuss with Robert and Susie Fogle to promote agriculture for all ages in cooperation with The Great Frederick Fair, Inc. Learn More

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Aimée Belle Harper Scholarship Fund

Founded by St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Utica, MD for Church members. Learn More

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Alan Linton, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Founded by parents A. Patrick and Sharon L. Linton for full-time students residing in Frederick County majoring in finance or economics. Learn More

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Albert Atlee and Elizabeth Lane Radcliffe Memorial Scholarship Fund

Founded by family members for graduates of Frederick High School. Learn More

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