Existing Funds


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Eugene A. and Pauline B. Kefauver Family Fund

Founded through the Kefauver's estate provisions to support Hoffman Homes for Youth, Foundation of FirstHealth, The Village Chapel, and Middletown Christ Reformed Church. Learn More

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Harold D. and Elizabeth S. Kehne Scholarship Fund

Founded by David A. Kehne and Robert A. Funk for Frederick High School or Governor Thomas Johnson High School graduates pursuing a career in education. Preference is given to students attending Towson University or University of Maryland, College Park. Learn More

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Charles E. Keller, III Accounting Scholarship Fund

Founded by the partners of the former Keller Bruner, now known as RSM, in honor of Mr. Keller's accounting career for accounting majors in their junior or senior year of college. Learn More

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Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Kelly Fund

Founded by the Kellys as an unrestricted fund. Learn More

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Robert E. Kelly Memorial Fund

Founded with proceeds from the Robert E. Kelly Memorial Foundation, Inc. as a donor advised fund, with preference given to ocean-related environmental causes. Learn More

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Jeanne L. Kemp Fund for Students with Dyslexia

Founded by Nancy and Casper Cline in honor of Mrs. Cline's mother for grants to address the needs of students with dyslexia. Learn More

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William H. and Jeanne L. Kemp Fund

Founded by Mrs. Kemp to support The Jeanne L. Kemp Fund for Students with Dyslexia. Learn More

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Bertha J. Kennedy Memorial Endowment Fund

Founded by husband Marvin E. Kennedy, Sr. for Frederick County Historic Sites Consortium. Learn More

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