Existing Funds


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Point of Rocks Library Fund

Founded by Frederick County Public Libraries board of directors to support library programs. Learn More

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John L. and Lucille H. Ponton Charitable Fund

Founded through Mrs. Ponton's estate to provide funds for families of children with cancer and to support Camp Jamie. Learn More

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Ada B. Poole Scholarship Fund

Founded by an anonymous donor and former student of Mrs. Poole's for Walkersville High School graduating seniors pursuing a degree in English, literature or teaching. Learn More

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Lawrence M. and Betty Agatha Powell Scholarship Fund

Founded by Mrs. Powell for Governor Thomas Johnson High School graduating seniors, preferably scholar/athletes. Learn More

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Preparing for an Aging Population Strategic Initiatives Fund

Founded by the Community Foundation to address the preparation of Frederick County for an aging population, focusing on the welfare of its seniors. Learn More

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Preservation and Enhancement Fund of Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Inc.

Founded by Mt. Olivet's board of directors, the fund will assist in the conservation of the natural beauty and historic integrity of Mount Olivet Cemetery, a Frederick landmark since its dedication in 1854. Learn More

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